If you want to have a higher CP value, you have a better choice!

2021-06-07 14:00 United News Network / PSBEAUTY

▲La Visage Beauty Center won the double honor of the Outstanding Organization and Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification by the Joint Commission of Taiwan. On the right is Gerry Chen, the director of the La Visage Beauty Center.


In recent years, with the advancement of medical aesthetics technology and the change of aesthetic concepts, anti-aging treatment has gradually shifted from plastic surgery with a knife in the past to non-invasive surgery without a knife. Rather than using a knife to “look like a copy,” now everyone advocates “looking like when you were younger.”

Therefore, radiofrequency lift and sonic lift for non-invasive anti-aging treatments have become the most popular consultations and course of treatment for mature women.

But this year’s radiofrequency  treatment is not only the most popular Phoenix radiofrequency , but the new dark horse is “EndyMed PRO 3 DEEP queen radiofrequency  (“Anda Medical” radiofrequency anti-wrinkle system” medical device input No. 023404)”, the main focus is for you to easily crack down on “loose and sagging”, abandon the retouching software and return to the supple and smooth skin.

Gerry Chen , director of La Visage Beauty Center, said that queen’s Radiofrequency is a high-tech patented medical instrument launched by the “Israel ENDYMED” company. It has passed the US FDA, EU CE, China CFDA, South Korea KFDA and Taiwan TFDA certification in one fell swoop. FDA indications: wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite.

The working principle of the Queen’s Radiofreuquency , combined with the effects of microneedle, Fraxel lasers and traditional radiofrequency lifting, direct and precise heating stimulation from the epidermis to the dermis; the temperature is deep into the dermis and the temperature is controlled between 55-60 degrees C.

In this temperature, it is the best stage for collagen contraction, through thich  you can see the immediate tightening effect of the collagen fiber tissue during the treatment, and the pores are reduced.

After 2-3 weeks, you can see the massive production of collagen and elastic fibers; In addition, the micro-invasive three-dimensional radiofrequency is used to directly and accurately give RF (electromagnetic wave) energy to the dermis. The microneedle electrode penetrates into the skin as deep as 3.5mm. After treatment, the collagen fibers will be aligned horizontally to improve the skin texture. The greatest effect, the epidermis presents the most flawless change.

Dr. Gerry Chen  further explained that radiofrequency can be divided into three types: unipolar, bipolar and multipolar radiofrequencies. As a multipolar radiorequencies with 8 probes and 3DEEP triple depth patents, Queen Radiofrequency can not only reduce the side effects of unipolar radio waves such as scalds and blisters, but it also has a deeper, wider and longer treatment range than bipolar radio waves.

“Aging is not a single problem. The Queen’s Radiofrequencies preserve youth in all aspects.” Dr.  Gerry Chen  emphasized that if you want to pursue facial rejuvenation such as “cleansing, whitening, tightening, caressing, and pulling”, the focus of treatment should not be only on a single course of treatment.

The details of the Queen’s Radiofrequencies function have evolved, advocating non-invasive, harmless, painless, and avoiding anaesthesia. It not only provides a full range of firming treatments, but also synergistically stimulates the regeneration of collagen, which can effectively optimize the overall skin texture, which is quite in line with the treatment point of view of dermatologists.

First use the Queen’s Radiofrequencies  treatment “3 DEEP” triple depth patented multiple probes conducts uniform heating and primer on the entire face, and then upward lift the contours of the middle and lower face.

Then, depending on the skin problems of consumers, choose specific areas to strengthen the treatment. After the skin of the whole face is tightened, it can be followed by other treatments. This is the comprehensive way to fight aging.

Diagnosis before any medical treatment is very important. If you do not find a professional doctor for consultation for skin problems, even if you use the best equipment, the postoperative effect may not be as expected. Dr. Gerry Chen said that good treatment results = accurate diagnosis of skin aging by professional physicians + customized chemotherapy procedures + superior equipment. If you want to experience the firmness brought by radiofrequency  lifting, then the 3 DEEP Queen Radiofrequencies, which is affordable, innovative and complete, is definitely not to be missed!