Sogoart director Chen Hongan (right) and La Visage Beauty Center director Gerry Chen (left) took a group photo. Picture / provided by ancient art

La Visage Group team cooperates with an internationally renowned antiquity art agency to create an artistic atmosphere, allowing customers to feel the beauty from the moment they step into the door.

Gerry Chen, the director of La Visage Group, highly respects ancient art brokers. Sogoart has been deeply involved in Taiwanese artists for 18 years. In particular, “Good Art is in Taiwan” has entered the 18th session. It has also allowed Taiwanese artists to flourish vitality and creative energy by digging out good art in Taiwan. The efforts of antiquity are obvious to all in the domestic art circles. It is also in its 18th year that the new collection that advertises the beauty of body and soul coincides with the idea of ​​jointly promoting beauty.

Sogoart director Chen Hongan said that Gerry Chen , the director of La Visage Beauty Center, often lingers in the SogoArt Gallery. Dr. Chen believes that the beauty of body, mind, and soul is an important task. Appreciation of art is to touch the temperature of human nature and soul, and to let go of the attachments in the heart. For Gerry Chen, the art of beauty stops at the best, and the greatest sense of accomplishment in his work is to change and increase the self-confidence of many people and their feelings for beauty.

Thanks to the Business Times for reporting: