Using the ultrasonic frequency of 36,000 Hz without harming nerves, blood vessels and other tissues, through the vibration of ultrasonic waves (tens of thousands of small bubbles in the liquid, the role of fat cells to loosen), large cellulite “chyle” Dissolve in water, no harm to nerves, blood vessels and other tissues, less pain, less bleeding, less damage, local anesthesia: just apply in the clinic
1. Possible reactions after surgery: swelling, pain, bruising, melanin precipitation and other reactions. These reactions will alleviate automatically within a few weeks after the operation. If the above symptoms continue to not improve after the operation, you should cooperate with an immediate follow-up examination.
2. A very small number of people will have local epidermal sensory nerve abnormalities and formation of lumps at the surgical site. Most of this phenomenon will subside over time.
3. After the operation, a very small number of people will have burns or wound infections at the surgical site, and they must be treated if necessary.
4. If the face has acne scars or spots (e.g. sunburn), a very small number of people will have dark spots after the operation.
5. The main purpose of Z-wave golden fat carving is to perform a partial sculpting function, which is not suitable for mass weight loss. It uses specific ultrasonic energy to dissolve a specific amount of fat to achieve a specific amount of body sculpture.
6. After the operation, consumers should cooperate with postoperative health education instructions (such as diet control, appropriate exercise and massage… etc.) to achieve the maximum effect.
7. Massage method: The massage method needs to be carried out in a vertical pressing massage method, which can increase the effect of skin firming.
8. From 3 months to 1 year after the operation, if the individual wishes to further sculpt other parts, if the doctor evaluates it is feasible, Z-wave golden fat sculpture can be applied again to the original surgical site.