Sogoart cooperates with doctor Chen , a well-known plastic surgeon

A group of well-known art-loving La Visage Group teams, both in medicine and art, share a common understanding that art is truth, goodness and beauty, which is expressed in the attitude of “life is art” and “art is life”.

Headed by Gerry Chen , the director of La Visage Beauty Center, is to create a high-quality environment, starting from the “heart” and cooperating with an internationally renowned Sogoart agency. From the moment the customer steps in, in addition to health and safety, it is to built the beauty of the customer.

Doctor Gerry Chen, the well-known director of La Visage Beauty Center, said that the Sogoart brokers have been working hard for Taiwanese artists for the 18th year, especially “Good Art is in Taiwan” has entered the 18th edition. It excavated Taiwan’s good art and also allowed Taiwanese artists to flourish with vitality and creative energy. Domestic art It is obvious to all in the world that it is also entering the 18th year of the new acquisition that advertises that the body and mind are beautiful, and the concept of promoting beauty coincides with each other.

Gerry Chen uses a knife as a brush to shape women’s beautiful faces and beautiful body curves. In the name of collecting world-famous beauties, in order to transform the perfection under the knife, she has traveled all over the world to famous plastic surgery authorities and spent some time researching. The boiling grand occasion of Hanfeng plastic surgery and beauty! Doctor Chen often lingers in the ancient art gallery, thinking that the beauty of body, mind, and soul is the important homework for plastic surgery. Appreciating art is the temperature that touches the human soul, and also let go of the attachments in the heart. The heart is empty, leaving a beautiful heart. It is said that the art of beauty stops at perfection. The greatest sense of accomplishment in plastic surgery is to change the lives and fortunes of many people!

Thanks to China Times for reporting: