The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Consortium Hospital Evaluation and Medical Quality Policy Promotion Conference jointly held the “109 Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification Certification Ceremony” yesterday (19), and awarded Chinese and English certificates and certifications to 88 clinics that passed the certification this year At the same time, benchmark clinics are invited to share experience, strengthen inter-agency exchanges and learning, and work together to improve the quality of domestic aesthetic medicine services. Shi Chongliang, the executive deputy of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, also came to encourage the certified institutions to continue their insistence on quality. Diligent, providing people with a more secure medical environment.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare stated that in order to create an excellent and high-quality aesthetic medicine service environment, while considering that nearly ninety domestic aesthetic medicine services are provided by clinics, it invited aesthetic medicine related societies and medical policy committees to jointly discuss and promote and develop in line with the characteristics of clinics. The “Clinical Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification”, in conjunction with international medical development, serves as a reference for domestic and foreign people to choose high-quality clinics. The certification check focuses on the qualifications of the executive physician, the environmental facilities meet the requirements of fire protection and infection control, the implementation of the aesthetic medicine project meets the requirements of the law, privacy maintenance and customer service, anesthesia safety and emergency evacuation mechanisms, charging and notification and consent, etc., passed the check The clinic can obtain a certification that is valid for 3 years. In addition, in response to follow-up promotion, a brand-new clinic aesthetic medicine quality certification mark is also designed. It is composed of three key points: medical treatment, management, and safety. The English letter A stands for “high quality, safe and secure, professional medical guarantee”, and is in gold The gradual luster symbolizes continuous development and sustainable operation. A total of 2 stages of certification were processed this year, with 122 participating clinics and 88 clinics passing the certification. The overall pass rate is about 72%. It is hoped that more clinics will participate in the future to further strengthen the quality of domestic aesthetic medicine and services. A more complete medical environment for aesthetic medicine.

Shi Chongliang, executive deputy of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, emphasized that “certification” is to help people identify “quality” clinics. At the invitation of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Medical Policy Association and the Taiwan Plastic Surgery Association, the Taiwan Dermatology Association, the Taiwan Anesthesiology Association and other 13 aesthetic medicine-related medical associations jointly discussed the certification system to improve the quality of aesthetic medicine in my country. , Create a safe medical environment.

Chen Xigen, chairman of the Taiwan Plastic Surgery Association, said that when people want to undergo cosmetic surgery, they usually hesitate to choose an institution. The promotion of aesthetic medicine quality certification can provide the public with a reference to choose and echo the expectations of the society to integrate correct plastic surgery with Aesthetic medicine information is easily and professionally disseminated to all people. Zhu Jiayu, chairman of the Taiwan Society of Dermatology, mentioned that many people use laser and injection beauty as part of their daily maintenance. The disposal risk seems low, but related disputes have repeatedly appeared on the news page. Certification can give people more Sub-guarantee. Chen Kunbao, chairman of the Taiwan Society of Anesthesiology, emphasized that proper sedation or anesthesia can indeed provide patients with higher quality care. However, the public is not easy to understand the process of anesthesia care, and certification can reduce the risk of occurrence.

Lin Qizhen, chairman of the Medical Policy Council, said that he will continue to apply for the quality certification of aesthetic medicine and encourage the 88 clinics that have passed the clinic aesthetic medicine quality certification to further challenge the “Excellent Institutional Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification” to demonstrate the effectiveness and results of care quality. “Charm quality” that exceeds the expectations of the public.

Liu Yueping, Director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, stated that people who accept cosmetic surgery and treatment should choose medical institutions carefully. Do not believe in exaggerated and false marketing techniques. Give preference to institutions that have passed the aesthetic medicine quality certification. Safety and quality can be guaranteed. One less risk,