Plastic surgeons treat the human body as the object of sculpture. Using super skills, it does not require surgery or anesthesia, nor does it necessarily cause pain or recovery. They can become beautiful without knowing it and can rejuvenate and achieve results beyond expectations.

The textbook of plastic surgery is written by Westerners. The standards of Westerners are indeed not in line with the requirements of the face shape of the Easterners. Therefore, I took the lead in communicating with Korean plastic surgeons before opening the business to collect representative bone cutting, rhinoplasty, and double eyelids. When South Korea’s unique key technology becomes a surgery suitable for the conditions of the Taiwanese people, the Korean plastic surgery trend that was driven in that year has spread all the way (Figure 1). After 17 years of evolution, after personal clinical experience accumulation and observation, it is currently in South Korea and Taiwan. The standards have been adjusted significantly, and there is no more copying. In the past ten years, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery clinics have been lined up like convenience stores. Because the people can get micro plastic surgery, they often mistakenly think that it is like buying clothes. You can decide what kind of surgery to do. When you consult, you only see the local problem you care about, but forget it. The importance of overall planning.


Face sculpture gold six points

As far as the golden ratio of face sculpture is concerned, the length of the face is divided into three parts with the eyebrows and the lower edge of the nose, and the width of the face is divided into five parts with the vertical lines of the head and tail of the eyes on both sides. On both sides of the face, the zygomatic body, the corner of the jaw, the bridge of the nose, and the chin are the six important golden points that determine the face shape: based on this, the three-dimensional and contour of the face can be determined. Orientals are relatively collapsed under the eyes (apple muscles), on both sides of the nose, Yintang, and forehead, so they usually have the impression of a big pie face. If these areas are full, they will feel gentle, young, three-dimensional and more energetic. Plastic surgery is divided into facial features such as eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, as well as skin, fat, muscle, cartilage, bones and other components, which are made according to personal conditions and characteristics. In the past, it was considered that the face sculpture skeleton was the key point, but now it is believed that the proportion of height is more important and the body effect is the best (pictures 2 and 3). The smaller the skeleton is to prevent the loosening of the organization. “For those who are afraid to have bone reduction surgery under the framework of proportions, there are many alternative ways of reference. For example, the width of the face (looking straight ahead at the width of the cheekbone arch on both sides) of 14 cm is just right for a person of 170 cm, but at 160 For people of centimeters, the face is too wide, and it is necessary to cut the cheekbones to make the face smaller. At 13 cm, the face width is divided into five equal parts, and the length of the eyes is only 26 cm, but the current standard is about 3.5 Centimeter is enough, so personal experience is that the ratio of the eye length to the face width is 1/4, and the distance from the tail of the eye to the cheekbone arch is about 1/2 of the eye length (Figure 4). Double eyelids increase the height of the eyes. The effect is better than the width of the eye head and the length of the eye length. Therefore, double eyelid surgery is the surgery with the highest return on investment for the first impression, and the improvement of the ratio of the face shape is also the most effective. The face becomes smaller. Rhinoplasty also makes the eye distance, face smaller and more three-dimensional, and is also another option for cheekbone reduction surgery.


he position of the eyebrows determines the ratio of the upper 1/13 to the middle 1/3. The eyebrows are too low, the eyelids cover the line of sight, the tail of the eye, and the nasal bridge obviously represent the loose tissue around the orbit, which can be improved by minimally invasive eyebrow lift surgery. Although the facial features make the face more petite, the width of the nose is recommended to be the same as the distance between the eyes, so that the ratio can be balanced, not the bigger the better. In recent years, the latest separation technology of fat sculpture has increased the survival rate of fat and greatly reduced the variables of the effect. It can also be injected with fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, microcrystalline porcelain, etc., which is convenient and has no recovery period. It can easily achieve the purpose of sculpture. The repair assist technology can make the effect more durable. The masseter muscle can be removed by surgery or botox injection to relax the muscles and become smaller. Cartilage can achieve the same effect through own ear cartilage, nasal septal cartilage or implants such as Goretex or silicone. Some people think that plastic surgery uses deliberate means to destroy the complete body and meet the physical and mental appearance requirements, but some people think that plastic surgery is from the outside to the inside, using visual improvement to enhance the spiritual level, or changing the face to change luck. In short, the current plastic surgery trend is to become beautiful and handsome without knowing it. This kind of bonus effect is what most people want.