Features of this book and introduction:

The author has a strong lineup: This book is co-authored by more than 20 doctors from the seven major medical teams of the Department of Surgery of the General Surgery Department.
Newspaper compilation and supplement: The content of this book has been scattered in the medical information of major newspapers, and it is compiled by adding [General].
Book structure and content introduction: Most of the first impressions of “Surgery” are “Swords and Shadows” and “Bloodlight Disaster”…

Is surgery really such a taboo? What is a surgical disease? When should I call for surgery? Do I have to be “knocked” to see surgery? This book summarizes the clinical experience and health education articles of the medical team of the Taipei General Surgery Department, which is an authoritative in China, and first presents the [General Review] Introduction to the surgical division and the scope of treatment; [Introduction] According to General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, colorectal surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, urology, pediatric surgery, etc., all use cases as introductions to discuss the causes of disease, surgical treatment, postoperative care and other common sense, hoping to help readers understand surgical diseases. And thus reduce the fear of “surgery” and “surgery”.