There are a wide range of options for medical treatment, but what the people want to know most is which hospitals and clinics have better medical quality. The Consortium Hospital Evaluation and Medical Quality Policy Promotion Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Medical Policy Council) will hold a medical institution quality certification award ceremony today. The medical team that passed disease care, health check and aesthetic medicine quality certification attended the awards. The Medical Policy Council stated that the accredited institutions have certain medical quality. The public can pay attention to whether there is a certification mark in the hospital, or check the list of institutions that have passed the evaluation and certification on the official website of the Medical Policy Council. The quality of medical treatment is more guaranteed.

Cai Sentian, chairman of the Medical Policy Association, said that since 2009, the Medical Policy Association has successively launched various quality certification operations, with the voluntary participation of medical institutions to review the legality of institutions, professional qualifications and training, safety and risk control, services, and Five aspects including quality. At present, the medical quality certification provided by the Medical Policy Council includes disease care quality certification, health examination certification, aesthetic medicine quality certification, etc. This year, 9 institutions have passed the coronary artery disease care quality certification. When China Thai Hospital was certified for the third time Benchmark Hospital; 27 health inspection quality certification institutions, with the highest quality certification scores obtained by the Health Management Department of Shin Kong Hospital, and 27 aesthetic medicine quality certification institutions. Among them, the new plastic surgery clinic is the most certified standard. Rod agency.

Ke Wenqin, the chief executive officer of the coronary artery disease care team at Cathay Pacific Hospital, which has obtained the certification for cardiovascular disease care today, said that since 2009, Cathay Pacific was the first hospital in the country to pass the certification of the medical policy committee for coronary artery disease. The continuous care of patients’ medical care, nursing, and health education has been certified for the third time this year. In addition to being honorable, it also gives the medical team a substantial improvement.

Hong Ziren, the convener of the quality certification expert of the Medical Policy Association, said that since 2009, there have been 41 quality certification institutions that have passed the health check. More than 1 million people go to these institutions for health check every year, and there are more than 100,000 foreign tourists who visit these institutions. Institutions do tourism medical examinations. He said that certification is to find out the devil hidden in the details. After the colonoscopy and gastroscope, which are the most common in the health check, are completed, they must be cleaned in an automatic washing machine for 45 minutes after they are completed in accordance with the standard operating procedures. During the evaluation, the policy committee will determine whether the standard is up to the standard and help the quality of medical care based on the hospital’s information written in the standard operating procedures and the on-site environment.

Zhang Hongru, director of the Medical Policy Council, said that aesthetic medicine is the most vulnerable to consumer complaints. Therefore, by passing the Medical Policy Council’s certification, improving quality can reduce more medical disputes. CEO Wang Baqun said that the evaluation is in addition to the training of doctors in aesthetic medicine. The license also requires strict requirements for the operating room, hygiene control, and anesthesia safety risks to ensure the safety of the people; Gerry T. J. Chen, the director of the new plastic surgery and plastic surgery institute who has obtained the quality certification of aesthetic medicine, said that the certification can truly check the safety of the people. .

According to the Medical Policy Council, people can pay attention to whether there are certification marks in the hospital, or they can check the list of hospitals that have passed the evaluation and certification on the official website of the Medical Policy Council, and go to certified clinics for medical treatment. The quality is more guaranteed. (Reported by Huang Zhongqiu/Taipei)