he wave of plastic surgery caused by the wave of Korean dramas has made plastic surgery a hot topic in this summer vacation. The fever is not enough, and the age group is from 20 to 50. If you want to grab this wave of summer plastic surgery, appeal Those who love beauty pay special attention to the following points:
●If you want to go to Korea for plastic surgery, please compare the actual differences between Chinese and Korean plastic surgery first. Including ethnic differences, physician quality, language communication, surgical prices and related expenses, postoperative care, tracking convenience and privacy.

●There must be sufficient communication with the doctor before the operation to understand the recovery process of the operation. General surgery must have a transition period, during which there are often swelling, pain, blood stasis… etc. However, those who do not understand lose confidence in the doctor at this stage and turn to another doctor who does not understand the operation. It has the opposite effect.

●Surgery risks. It is a pleasure to receive plastic surgery. The purpose is to make oneself more beautiful and attractive. No one wants to have any danger. However, any surgery may have anesthesia risk, bleeding infection, scar hyperplasia, etc., so detailed physical assessment before surgery is very important. important. In addition, each person’s skeleton and tissue structure are different, not necessarily suitable for every operation.

●Price. Although price-cutting competition is a great boon for consumers, it is also a potential concern, that is, quality issues. You often cannot predict whether the quality will remain unchanged while the price is being cut.

●Postoperative care and follow-up. For a successful operation, half of it depends on good doctors, and the rest depends on the care and cooperation of the consumers themselves. Some consumers think that the success of the operation only depends on the skills of the doctors. In fact, the consumers themselves have to bear great responsibility. , As long as there are questions or concerns, you should immediately contact the doctor for timely treatment. Some people believe that there is no problem subjectively, or even when they find that there is a problem, they distrust the original doctor and seek medical advice elsewhere, causing delays in their condition.

The golden period of plastic surgery is generally around 20 to 40 years old, because whether you first enter society or establish good interpersonal relationships, the first impression and appearance are the most important. Moreover, the body is healthier and the healing power is better. Strong.

The main plastic surgery projects around the age of 20 are face and body sculptures to build self-confidence, such as face contours, attractive double eyelids, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc. At the age of 30, it is mainly about skin care, tissue elasticity and body maintenance. At the age of 40 to 50, the improvement of sagging skin is mainly used, such as skin lift, eyelid, eye bag surgery, etc., to remove excess skin and increase tissue strength. Going to Korea for plastic surgery risks must be assessed firstEach period has its own key points, so that the desired results can be achieved without waste of money.