Summer vacation is approaching, coupled with the wave of graduation, more and more fresh people are paying attention to their appearance and figure. It is estimated that the performance of medical aesthetics and plastic surgery during the summer vacation will grow by nearly 30%. According to the survey, most of the people who have undergone plastic surgery for the first time Feeling nervous and insecure, and hesitating about doctors’ suggestions, and there are more disputes during the first plastic surgery. In view of this, providing better and moving customer service has become another competitive focus of medical aesthetic institutions.

Price is not the only consideration, evaluation and service are more important

Xiaoru (pseudonym), a freshman who just graduated this year, feels that his nose is round and not sharp enough. It is not good-looking and unconfident. She went to the clinic for consultation for the first time, but she left because she was shy and asked casually. Later, she entered la-visage The plastic surgery clinic asked for help. The nurse at the counter gradually relieved his guard because of the kind greetings and careful explanations. Now Xiaoru has more confidence in herself in addition to finding her ideal job.

According to Gerry T. J. Chen, the director of la-visage Plastic Surgery Clinic, there are many types of medical cosmetic projects, and the effects and principles are different. The needs of customers are even more diverse. The medical aesthetics center must not only be professional in technology, but service is more important, and stand in the same way as customers. Only by angle, can we truly understand customer needs and make the most correct judgment and analysis. Once there was a beautiful woman who came to see a doctor. She thought that surgery should be done. However, based on professional experience, Dr. Chen suggested that she should do brightening and related treatments. The result was quite satisfactory to the woman. From the case, we learned that technology and service are both important.

Adopting a new plastic surgery clinic, in order to provide customers with more satisfactory and moving medical services and services, through professional counseling from Xingcheng service management training institutions, the ISQM international service quality management system is introduced. After 10 months of counseling and hard work, the In the process of conducting secret audits and strict review of relevant plastic and cosmetic document standards, it passed TUV Rhein SQS international service quality certification on June 18, and obtained Asia’s first medical aesthetics international service quality certification clinic. Physician Gerry T. J. Chen of la-visage Plastic Surgery Clinic stated that it will provide better and moving services in accordance with high-standard international service quality requirements, service process and personnel service quality management, and hope that customers will get better when they come to the clinic for treatment. Peace of mind, more professionalism and more trust in consumer experience.

Xingcheng Service Quality Management Training Organization-Chairman Xu Gerry T. J. Chen further pointed out that there are more and more medical aesthetic clinics, but consumer disputes are also emerging. One of the main reasons is that the service is not reliable enough and the service personnel fail to really listen to customer needs. The service standard process has not been implemented, leading to many disputes. In fact, as long as you use professional consulting company counseling, set up a good service process and conduct international service quality certification, you can easily manage the medical beauty clinics. Many large medical institutions will use professional consulting companies to help formulate and improve the service quality management. The process and guidance allow colleagues to smooth and implement the service process. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized medical institutions or clinics also learn from the large-scale medical institutions to appoint professional service quality consultants for guidance, making the clinics more professional and competitive.