After graduating from medical school, Gerry T. J. Chen received the most rigorous three-year surgery, three-year plastic surgery specialist training and three years of cosmetic surgery clinical experience. Apart from being ranked among the 500 cosmetic plastic surgeons in Taiwan, he has been leading the trend of the times for many years. He has never stopped, and he has gained a reputation and a place in the industry. Perhaps due to the characteristics of medical scholars and enjoyment of challenges, President Gerry T. J. Chen has a strong desire for knowledge about medicine.  Dean Chen discovered that in the past ten years, Taiwan’s medical beauty market has been booming. At the same time, beauty and plastic surgery clinics are uneven and medical disputes continue. Once upon a time, physicians with high social status have become the group with the “highest crime rate”! He also found that inadvertent errors in the service process can be avoided through process control and risk management mechanisms. Therefore, in the course of more than 20 years and 17 years of entrepreneurship, Dean Chen believes that to avoid medical disputes, the quality of the most basic medical services must be improved. So he is committed to standardizing the text of medical and administrative procedures, as ISO said: “Say what you do, do what you say.” Therefore, over the years, the “la-visage Plastic Surgery” team led by Dean Gerry T. J. Chen has taken the lead in passing the international and national certifications, including the double certification of photoelectricity and injection therapy and cosmetic surgery, including the quality certification of medical policy and beauty medicine, and was selected as a doctor. It is the benchmark organization certified by the Council, and was invited to the Medical Policy Council and the Hualien County Health Bureau to give lectures on the improvement of medical quality. It is also the first medical aesthetic plastic surgery clinic in Asia to pass the TUV Rhein SQS international service quality certification; international medical care The Materials Supply Management Society-Taiwan Branch and 3M Taiwan Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also designated the new plastic surgery as a demonstration clinic for device cleaning and sterilization.  In addition to this, it has been designated by the Health Bureau of six counties and cities (Taipei City, New Taipei City, Yilan County, Keelung City, Lianjiang County, Kinmen County) as a certified safety model clinic to produce a certified model tutorial manual. At the same time, it has obtained the international medical service certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare since 106, which shows that the quality of the new medical service can reach the international level. Behind these glamorous certifications is definitely the presentation of the “forward-looking ultimate service” of the la-visage Group led by Dean Chen. It is not surprising that as early as 2003, when Korean dramas swept Taiwan, he was keenly aware of the time. The cutting-edge plastic surgery technology behind the “Korean Wave” immediately went to South Korea to observe the technical exchange and brought it back to Taiwan, which in turn triggered a wave of Korean plastic surgery. While the epidemic continues to spread, Dean Gerry T. J. Chen also launched the “Healthy Blessing Bag” activity, through the Tianci Tongxin Association to donate on his behalf, to help poor families through the most difficult stage of the end of the year. Adhering to this rigorous thinking, in addition to introducing the latest Korean and Japanese cosmetic surgery technologies, in recent years, Dean Chen has further cooperated with professors of the Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop the first heart-brain balance resonance quantum instrument in anti-aging and preventive medicine, and redefine ” “Beauty Plastic Surgery” is “a fully evolved physical, mental health industry”. Step by step, he has always adhered to his ideas. What he constructed is a concept of life aesthetics. He firmly believes that “beauty is an attitude, a choice, a process of feeling life, and a product of human culture and social evolution. “! We also look forward to advancing the quality of Taiwan’s medical aesthetics and plastic surgery environment at the same time, creating a win-win situation in the industry, and bringing more safety and comfort to those who love beauty, and looking forward to building Taiwan into an international medical aesthetics and plastic surgery paradise for Taiwan’s tourism and plastic surgery market Create a smooth road.