The Ministry of Health and Welfare began this year to conduct medical quality audits of medical aesthetics clinics in Taiwan. The medical quality and safety of new plastic surgery clinics have passed strict audits to obtain certification. Dean Gerry T. J. Chen delivered a speech at the Medical Quality Symposium of the Medical Policy Council yesterday. There are many medical beauty clinics, medical safety and medical beauty disputes are emerging one after another. There are about 600 lawsuits every year, 150 of which are related to medical beauty clinics. There is even a FB Taiwan Medical Beauty Dispute Breaking Area, which collects relevant negative news. It is inevitable that there will be lawyers who specialize in litigating medical disputes for consumers.

Dean Chen stated that the basis of certification is compliance with standards and stable quality assurance. For all medical procedures, the medical profession is the most basic and absolutely important, but the profession needs to pay more attention to the customer’s feelings. It can be implemented to make customers feel at ease, heartfelt, and fascinated. This is the business philosophy of la-visage Plastic Surgery Clinic and the service commitment to customers . At present, most of the medical disputes are not handled well in this aspect, and the attitude of the medical staff makes the customers unable to swallow this breath.

Xu Gerry T. J. Chen, chairman of Xingcheng Service Quality Management Training Organization, said that the medical standards of Taiwanese doctors are basically qualified and professional. But now, we need to get rid of the authoritative attitude and transform into a consultant service thinking, and we must think about how to humanize, Respect and treat customers sincerely, and meet customer needs professionally. The meticulous attention to detail before and after the medical process is professional.

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