Dr. Chen has been fond of fine arts and art since he was a child, and has a beautician license. Plastic surgery is Dr. Chen’s greatest interest. In fact, plastic surgery is the application of aesthetics to the human body through surgical operations. It is a service between medicine and art. Plastic surgery has a very positive meaning. A successful operation may bring people a lifetime. The self-confidence and the turning point of the society have become more and more acceptable to society and need more and more services in this area. The combination of plastic surgery and beauty can provide the most complete service, and it must be based on “health” to achieve the effect of “beauty”.

What is the difference between Taiwan’s plastic surgery technology and South Korea’s plastic surgery technology?

Korean society regards plastic surgery as an investment into the society. Therefore, the plastic surgery population is large, most of them are of northern ethnic origin, and their faces are many abrupt and flat faces, such as pie face, national character face, and fighting. They are undergoing bone removal surgery and The research on face sculpture is one to twenty years earlier than Taiwan or other countries. In addition, their eyelid tissue is thin, the operation is simpler, and there are many changes.

Most of the plastic surgery industry in Taiwan is synchronized with the United States and the world. In addition to plastic surgery, it can also tailor a series of complete anti-aging and skin care treatments to provide a full range of services based on consumer needs. Facial bone sculpting surgery in Taiwan currently mostly uses “sharpening” instead of bone reduction, but the effect is limited and not obvious. In recent years, the technology has become more mature in response to public demand.

Today’s plastic surgery technology is changing with each passing day. Many people who pursue beauty can easily get rid of the defects of the past and show a completely new look. In order to strive for perfection, Dean Chen went to Japan and Korea several times to introduce the most advanced plastic surgery essence and technology in the local area to break through the traditional innovative plastic surgery technology. He specializes in face sculpture and facial sculpture plastic surgery technology, so that consumers who come here , I can relax my mind, fully enjoy the new century plastic surgery and become more beautiful and natural on the basis of safety and health.